I find passionate people making heart-felt waves in the world and I share not only what they do, but also their unique ways of viewing the world that inspire them to do it.

Lastest BEHIND THE GRID Episodes

Behind The Grid #005 - Marylou Sanchez [Cured By Ayahuasca, Self Shaman, Gnosticism]

Marylou was cured of a critical disease by Mother Ayahuasca and was then given a mission to share the plant medicine with the world. Now after working with the medicine 100's of times she helps people be their own shaman while she assists as an Ayahausca facilitator.

Behind The Grid #004 - Natalie Que [How I Left Mormonism, Inner Healing, Open Relationships, Psychedelics]

Natalie Que left Mormonism and lost everything in the process. 10 years later she has built a new life for herself, experimented with polyamory and psychedelics, and is now the host of the beloved 'Your Spinout Is Gorgeous' show where she tackles dramatic and painful moments in our lives with profound awareness and healing intention.

Uncovering Worldviews

Finding the value in perspectives from around the world.

The Unexpected Danger of Finding Inner-Balance (And How To Avoid Dogmatic Harmony)

The Esoteric Root of The Word 'Service' (And How It Helps You Manifest)

Unique Perspectives

Handpicked guests from subcultures around the world.

I grew up Charismatic Christian and then left that faith to become materialist Atheist. This was a natural result of me witnessing hypocrisy in the church while making friends in my new advertising career. But the Universe had different plans for me!

Just as I was about to secure a significant position in a major advertising agency, I experienced a massive vision through DMT where Spirit came to me in the form of Ganesh and healed a major mental wound which had been blocking my heart for years. After experiencing God in this unexpected way, I could no longer spend my life promoting consumer products I didn’t believe in – and I quit my career in advertising just as it started.

I felt lost with my life plan being dashed in a moment of Divine Clarity – but I had to know what this Universe was all about and how it worked! So I spent the next 3 years exploring all the most intense spiritual practices from all the cultures across the world - from 10 day silent Buddhist retreats, to Amazon jungle medicines, to 40-day Kundalini Sadhanas, to Native sweat lodges, to Western Occultist rituals, and Hatha Yoga intensives in India (to name a few).

Eventually in my meditation practice I had what the Buddhists would call an Awakening (though please keep in mind there are many more stages after I have yet to reach). I saw the nature of my mind and, although there really aren’t words to describe it, it changed my life. I realized I could do absolutely ANYTHING and so I asked God what the BIGGEST possible thing I could do is. I felt a wave of deep grief as I saw the world ignorantly fighting and killing each other over the different ways they view our Universe. All these different names and concepts and grids, all seeing the same Ultimate Reality from different perspectives – like the proverbial blind men feeling the Elephant.

And so I accepted my Mission. I will do my part to build communication between different cultures and religions so we can enter a Golden Age of Harmony across Humanity. I will set a new standard for discussion on worldviews, one where we view worldviews with curiosity always looking to see what we can learn from our brothers and sisters around us. And so I put myself out into the public eye by launching BEHIND THE GRID – a podcast that features Worldviews Worth Exploring across all cultures and religions.

Much Love!
Chris Owl

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